Sok in KHMER means HAPPINESS and
SOKFARM means HAPPY Agriculture

Traditional job

Collecting coconut blossom from coconut flowers is a traditional profession of the Ancient Khmer, since ancient times people have known the technique of collecting honey from palm trees.

Increase economic value

The model of growing coconuts to collect honey helps to increase the economic value of farmers by 3-5 times.


Sweetener from coconut flowers is a sustainable and safe sweetener for health.

Climate Change

Coconut trees are resistant to climate change, especially saltwater intrusion.


The production process of products is friendly and clean, does not discharge into the environment.

World consumption

World consumption The consumer trend of using palm sweeteners is replacing refined sugar.


The farmer's coconut garden is cared for in the direction of pure organic.


The Sokfarm model aims to be production combined with sustainable tourism associated with the sharing economy.

Sokfarm Coconut Nectar

where ideas are born

The idea of producing products from Sokfarm brand coconut nectar was born in early 2018, when the price of dried coconuts in Tra Vinh province dropped dramatically, at one time 1200 coconuts but the farmer only had an income of 2 million VND.


Concerned with these difficulties, Ms. Chal Thi – conceived the idea of developing coconut nectar products from the second largest coconut region of Vietnam. The end point of the great Mekong River.


The model has created a new direction for Tra Vinh coconut industry, helping to increase the economic value of farmers by 2-3 times, contributing to improving local livelihoods and producing agricultural products from the village. land with high quality.

Business philosophy

Sokfarm believes that business must exist in harmony with the natural environment, accompany farmers and become a brand for the community and have a position in the international market. Therefore, we always aim for green production, environmental protection, fair market for farmers and market partners.

Local Labor

Focusing on local economic development and local workforce, SOKFARM always prioritizes jobs for Khmer workers. Currently, 95% of workers at Sokfarm are Khmer, of which more than 60% are female.

The process of collecting

coconut nectar

Raw material area

At Sokfarm, raw materials are grown, cultivated and linked with Khmer farmers in the direction of sustainability and environmental protection. SOKFARM's mission is to implement sustainable farming and production practices that minimize anthropogenic impacts on the climate.

Vacuum concentration technology

Sokfarm successfully researched the cooking of coconut blossom by vacuum concentration technology, processing the product at a temperature of 55 - 60 degrees Celsius to help retain the best nutrients, color and taste. That is the difference of Sokfarm coconut nectar compared to other countries in the world.


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Newspapers reported on Sokfarm